“I’ve been an NHL player for 14 seasons, and during that time I’ve been able to sustain a high level of performance with minimal injuries, thanks in large part to the work of Natalie. 

Natalie has a unique ability to combine deep tissue work with an intuitive sense of touch. This natural feel, along with her full understanding of body mechanics and movement, has allowed her to offer an elite level of treatment. This treatment restores muscles and allows the skeleton to hold it’s natural alignment, giving me a full range of motion and the strength to perform optimally while avoiding injury.

There is no one I would recommend more than Natalie for functional and athletic massage therapy.”


“As a 7 time NorthEast Regional competitive CrossFit athlete, I consistently require deep tissue bodywork in order to stay injury and ache free which enables me to attack my rigorous training schedule and stay at the top of my game.

Up until I met Natalie, each body work session I tried with various other therapists left me feeling underwhelmed.  Having my degree in Kinesiology and various certifications in the fitness industry including corrective exercise, I decided instead to use my knowledge to perform countless hours on consistent flexibility and myofacial bodywork.  I now consider this supplementary work to the weekly, highly efficient sports massage provided by Natalie. 

Natalie has helped me make great progress on identifying and attacking problem areas that I didn’t ever realize were existent.  Natalie consistently is able to intuitively find the places and pressures I need to relieve discomfort while getting me tuned up to move efficiently in the upcoming training session/competition.

 Her massage sessions go well beyond the actual massage.  Music selection, in addition to her use of heating pads and analgesics, are soothing and her professionalism is top notch.  I highly recommend anyone needing some serious bodywork to check her out!”

Chris Gosler
Owner/Operator of CrossFit Southie


“I started working with Natalie about two years ago when I started training for triathlons.  She has been instrumental in helping me maintain my training by keeping me healthy and injury free.  This year as I train for my first full Ironman I know that Natalie’s work will keep me from losing any training time despite all of the training volume I will be doing.  I would recommend working with Natalie to anyone who is looking to stay healthy or come back from an injury.”



“As someone who spends his day as a ‘desk jockey’, Natalie has helped me pursue my true passion, ultra distance trail running. The stresses on my body caused by both my day job and my distance running are melted away by Natalie’s expert work. I’ve been under her care for over five years and recommend her without reservation for athletes, weekend warriors or anyone needing muscular relief.”



“There is no one who I trust more or have had such great results with than Natalie Johnson.  I’ve been going to Natalie for massage therapy for years and she keeps me ‘tuned-up’ to train hard and getting to her post-competition is a sure way to stay healthy and strong.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or competitive athlete, Natalie has incredibly talents and a thoughtful approach that will do your body right for the active life!”

Chris Cav
Husband, Dad, Triathlete, CrossFitter… plenty of reasons to get-in/stay-in shape!


“Massage therapy with Natalie has been one of the most healing things I have done for myself. I have had hundreds of massages at various places, Natalie is by far the best! I have been an athlete my whole life and have suffered from migranes for the past 8 years. Before working with Natalie I had 3-5 headaches a week but needed a more hollistic approach to relieving my pain and stiffness. Since seeing Natalie 3-4 times a month, I can honestly say I now have about 2 headaches a month if that. Natalies services are more than a massage, you can tell from her work that she completely understands and has studied human anatomy and trigger points. I can’t say enough about her, she’s not only a great massage therapist but a wonderful person!”

Kaitlyn Gambino
Nurse, marathoner, cross-fitter